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Creating the New Healthcare

Our aim is to become the number one health cryptocurrency in the world, democratizing healthcare to make it affordable for every man, woman, and child.



We reward our members for living healthy lifestyles while offering a network of health providers that accept CMDX smartcurrency.



We compensate our members for sharing CMDX around the world,growing the network and the value of the smartcurrency, itself.

Access to a Better Quality of Life

Our member benefits go beyond health rewards by using disruptive tech like biometrics, smart contracts, artificial intelligence and crypto-commerce.

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Access the Network of Health Providers

As a member, connect to a growing global network of health providers who accept CMDX smartcurrency.

Save Money Living Healthy

Use the network's collective purchasing power to receive great discounts on healthy products.

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Control Your Personal Data

Securely and immutably immortalize your personal health data in the blockchain so you can control what happens with it, and even possible to profit from it.

Grow Wealth from the Comfort of Your Home

As an ambassador, you can take control of your business and choose a healthy balance that works for your priorities and your wealth goals.

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Powered by Exponential Technologies

The keys of exponential growth are in the disruptive technologies CMDX implements to achieve our vision and mission.

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Preventative care and healthy choices are at the core of CMDX. With wearable technology we can effectively track and reward those who are making the right choices.

Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Everything from your personal health data to rewards earnings to transactions with providers is annonymized, immortalized and secured on the blockchain.

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Artificial Intelligence

Our intelligent chatbot, Brittany, will learn about you and your needs, tailoring specific health and wealth recommendations to help you achieve your goals.


At the center of our network is our CMDX smartcurrency. Break away from the shackles of traditional, centralized financial health systems and tap into the CMDX distributed economy.

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The 5 Step Path to Enrichment

We take you every step of the way, from commitment-free education to fully flaged home health entrepreneur.

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1. Get Education

Register and watch our free webinar to learn everything you need to know to get started.

2. Get Experience

Pay $49.95 annual membership fee to access Brittany and start earning CMDXRewards.

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3. Get Engaged

Work with us to further develop into a business and start to significantly grow your wealth.

4. Get Empowered

Create your digital avatar and Wealthcare savings account to take full control over your health and wealth goals.

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5. Be Enriched

Enjoy your new, healthier, and wealthier life as your own boss in control of your own future.

Get started by watching a FREE
educational webinar, your first step on the
road to enrichment.

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It's Your Choice

If you choose to join us on this mission...
there are three ways that you can increase your
quality of life with CMDX.

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Enjoy the benefits, subscribe to Brittany (your personal health and wealth chatbot assistant), complete your health profile, and secure CMDX rewards.

Optionally share CMDX with others and earn CMDX rewards for each member who joins (with an obligation to participate as an Ambassador).

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Join the growing global network of CMDX Providers who accept CMDX for health products and services. Simply add a "We accept CMDX payment" widget to your website, or use our cryptocurrency invoice generator.

Providers are required to accept a minimum of 25% for the purchase using CMDX.

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Our Referral Bonus Plan rewards our
Ambassadors with ...

  • Direct Referral Bonuses
  • Binary Referral Bonuses
  • Leadership Referral Bonuses
  • Trips Referral Bonuses

... for driving the vision
and mission of CMDX.

All the Help You Need to Succeed

Meet Brittany! Powered by artificial intelligence to understand your needs, Brittany is at your service 24/7 as a personal health and wealth chatbot assistant.

  • Find the nearby pharmacies
  • Design and administer meal plans for you
  • Monitor food recalls and allergy warnings
  • update your password if there is a need
  • Verify your identity and address
  • Find lowest price on pharmaceuticals
  • Help you stick to a diet
  • Remind you to take your medicine
  • Check and manage your referral fees
  • Connect you to telemedicine health provider

Have questions?
Ask Brittany 

A Truly Smart Currency

Every subscription you generate creates wealth via both CMDX referral rewards and by increasing the value of the CMDX smartcurrency, itself.

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Positive Buying Pressure

100% of any subscription must be paid in CMDX, so the first step for new members is always to purchase CMDX from the open market, increasing demand.

Reduced Supply Over Time

90% of the CMDX used to purchase a membership is removed from circulation to reduce the supply over time.

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Care for Those in Need

The remaining 10% of the CMDX used to purchase a membership is donated to local charities. This isn't just about being healthy and wealthy, it's about making the world a better place for everyone.

Get started by watching a FREE
educational webinar, your first step on the
road to enrichment.

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