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Healthy, Wealthy, and Fit: CMDX Embraces Wearable Tech to Boost Members’ Rewards

Written by Thomas Mcmurrain. January 14,2021

The platform uses wearable tech, AI, and blockchain technology to transform the way people think about health and wealth

Wearable tech

ROSEAU, DOMINICA, May 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — CMDX, a global community dedicated to generating wealth by rewarding its members for engaging in healthy lifestyle activities, has recently amped up its efforts to help its community members earn rewards. By wearing a number of popular fitness tracking devices, including CMDX’s own CMDXFit tracker, members can earn points that can then be converted into cryptocurrency rewards, which can be used on a wide variety of items and services.

CMDX is on a mission to lead the way in the blockchain powered tech sector with its Burn It and Earn It model that utilizes health data, wearable tech, and cryptocurrency.

Thomas McMurrain, Founder of CMDX

With the company’s Burn It and Earn It Model, CMDX is helping people to not only get moving to enhance their overall health and well-being but also earn a part-time income simply from wearing a fitness tracking device. And with the economy recently hit hard due to the COVID pandemic and many people out of a job, CMDX leadership sees their program as a win, encouraging people and virtual fitness experts to maintain healthy lifestyle activities during the global lock down while easily generating an extra income.

CMDX’s move to jump on the wearable tech trend and partnership with Human API is a smart move for both them and their community members. Brands across the globe have recognized the public’s desire for useful, trendy, and easy-to-use wearable tech that can help them with a wide range of tasks, from monitoring productivity to tracking their activity and calories burned. And as the research that CMDX is leveraging in integrating wearable tech into its business model has shown, wearable tech is the easiest path to reducing the cost of living a healthier lifestyle.

But CMDX didn’t just jump on the wearable tech bandwagon just to jump on it or to encourage healthier lifestyles. They have sought to revolutionize the way wearable tech is utilized. CMDX rewards its users for referring members, for engaging in educational activities, and for moving, which is tracked by the user’s chosen wearable tech. Through its partnership with Human API, CMDX’s platform allows users sporting over 30 different brands of trackers to share their data with CMDX so the company can reward them and identify their optimal health needs.

And the method of rewarding its users is also cutting-edge. CMDX uses cryptocurrency, leveraging the power, growing popularity, and safety of blockchain technology in its business model. And as discussions globally have amped up regarding the need for Universal Basic Income (UBI), CMDX founder Tom McMurrain sees CMDX’s compensation model, Universal Basic Data Income (UBDI), as a better solution. UBDI, unlike UBI, compensates people for sharing or doing something–in CMDX’s case, sharing their health data.

In addition to tracking and rewarding healthy activities, CMDX community members can also access Brittany, a powerful AI-driven health and business assistant that provides added layers of tracking capabilities. Brittany can assist with tracking exercise, calorie burn, heart rate, and even sleeping. She also assists users by searching for products or services on the CMDXMarket and assists them with purchasing goods and then tracking purchase activities for future reference.

“With our innovative rewards system, we want to empower our community members with the tools needed to help them not only lead healthier lives but also generate an income,” said McMurrain. “CMDX is on a mission to lead the way in the blockchain powered tech sector with its Burn It and Earn It model that utilizes health data, wearable tech, and cryptocurrency in ways that have never been done before. And this is all done while giving our community members a chance to be at the forefront of a revolution as we seek to become the global leader in health cryptocurrency.”

About CMDX, Inc.
CMDX is a global community dedicated to generating wealth for its users by rewarding healthy living. Through rewarding users for healthy lifestyles with cryptocurrency and creating a global network of healthcare providers accepting its smart currency, CMDX is changing the face of healthcare to make it affordable for every man, woman, and child and creating a better quality of life across the globe.